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"How to" Guide for Local Policy Makers

This Intellectual Output is made up of 2 elements:
A) GUIDE: A set of templates to promote the uptake of project results and deliverables beyond the scope of the partnership and the scale of the project. They will provide a guidance for policy-makers on how to formulate the basic lines for local policy on adult education.

B) Lessons from piloting and testing of the Guide to arrive at actual policy documents on adult education on the local level. After obtaining the feedback, the LEAP Guide will be the document collecting all the lessons learned acquired at implementation and consolidating the wealth of knowledge on the dynamics of policy making at local level in the policy domains of lifelong learning, adult education

The Guide with its templates will provide step by step guidance on producing a simple policy document - from collecting data relevant for adult education, through identification of local players, finding out more about potential target groups, making the analysis of training needs, promotion of adult learning, setting quality standards, identifying financial resources to actually promoting some topics. The document will also outline the operational lessons learned from the perspective of what worked and what could have been improved on the basis of the execution and deployment of the LEAP training in IO3.   

Proiect realizat cu sprijinul financiar al Comisiei Europene, în cadrul Programului Erasmus+

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LEAP Project 2020 Ref. 2020-1-SK01-KA204-078381