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AINova is an NGO active in the area of lifelong learning, specifically adult learning and education. It focuses on providing competence and institutional development services and policy advice in the fields of European affairs as well as regional and local development. The institution promotes European cooperation whilst preserving the local culture, identity and heritage.

AINova provides specialised training and consulting services and participates in applied research projects. It organizes long-term programs and short-term courses for participants from the state and public sector as well as for various professional groups. Since its inception, it has promoted international cooperation in the field of education and research, mainly by creating international partnerships, developing active cross-border cooperation and providing its experience abroad

AINova's new strategy document for the next 10 years identified the following four pillars: cultural heritage, active European citizenship, good governance, and sustainable development. In all education and awareness-raising activities, AINova also strives to develop key competences for lifelong learning as defined by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU. 

Strom zivota
SLOVAKIA, Bratislava

We are a civic association with a 40-year tradition in environmental education of children and youth. 

Over the years we’ve become authors of textbooks, educational materials and aids, partners of international projects focused on environmental and outdoor education.

We organize year-round programs for kindergartens and primary schools focused on environmental education, outdoor education and research-oriented education throughout Slovakia.

IHF asbl
BELGIUM, Bruxelles

IHF, Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires asbl, is a non profit organisation established in Brussels (Belgium) in 2003.

The principal aim of IHF is to provide the community (including non profit and local authorities) with assistance for the development of a wider international cooperation through activities of specialised training on European policies and the dissemination of European values.

One of the means to reach this objective is the organisation of highly specialised courses and seminars focused at the development of European projects. The courses focus on EU Policies and Legislation, International Relations and Project Management, promoting the possibility to participate in EU-funded programmes.

Thanks to its presence in Brussels IHF asbl developed relevant experience in the organisation of Dissemination and Valorisation activities at EU level, through contacts with MEPs, other European associations and Institutions, stakeholders, consumers groups etc. 

ITALY, Pescara

IDP, with branch offices in Italy and in Brussels, was established in 1996 by partners working since 1991 in Brussels in the frame of EU policies and EU funding programmes.

It relies on more than 20 year experience in the development, submission and management of successful EU projects. Since 1999, IDP develops and carries out also specialised training courses for VET and Adult learners focused exclusively on EU related issues (EU Institutions, policies, programmes, project management etc), delivering an average of +1000 hrs/year of training to +550 adult attendees/year.

IDP organises also study visits in Brussels to the EU Institutions or the participation of groups of AL to major EU events (such as the Open Days of DG Regio); moreover, it takes part in all EU events held in Brussels (Info days, conferences, meetings etc) and has regulars contacts with officers and representatives of Brussels-based Institutions, practitioners, associations and projects.

As a training service provider, IDP organises, manages and delivers high quality specialised training for Local and other public authorities, focusing on the various aspects of project management, planning, financial management, implementation, fund-raising, etc In addition to serving the public and third sector, IDP offers services to institutional clients from both national and regional governments. Moreover, IDP is currently a contractor of the EU Institutions/Agencies having been awarded in 2010 two contracts on the basis of competitive bidding.

Nevelok Haza Egyesulet

Nevelők Háza Egyesület (in English: Educators’ Centre Association, ECA) is one of the leading NGOs of Hungary, which operates numerous projects and a public institution in the city of Pécs in cooperation with the local municipality. ECA’s aims are to support the civil grass-root movements with its internal and external resources in order that they can grow and strengthen, and be more active and by doing so they can encourage the growth of their closer and wider surroundings. ECA provides services, training activities and educational programmes according to the principles of sheltering, counselling, empowerment and developing as well as LLL priorities.

SPAIN, Córdoba

BLUE NOTEBOOK is the European Projects Department of Fundación Santos Mártires. FDSM is a non-profit institution focused on education that comprises 15 educational centres with more than 5000 students and 450 teachers.
Our main aim is to participate in the educational life of our students and to cooperate with their families in the process of a quality and comprehensive education for their children.
Our organisation includes all the compulsory educational stages in Spain (Primary and Secondary), as well as non-compulsory education (Pre-primary, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training). All these stages contribute to the development, training and education of our students, helping them from the curiosity of children to learn to their guidance towards university or the job market, thus improving their opportunities in the future. We also provide non-formal training with extracurricular activities related to foreign languages learning, sports and music.
FDSM is considered by the Spanish and international regulations as a Non-University Higher Education institution.

We both teach them in class and also in the DUAL system.
Our organisation has also a wide group of institutions that are part of FDSM and offer complementary services:
• WIN SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES - English language training and official certifications for more than 1000 students and teachers annually.
• EDD - physical exercise and training in extracurricular activities and sport competitions.
• CENTRO DE FORMACIÓN PARA EL EMPLEO - Specific department focused on continuous and occupational training for adults both on-line and at our own premises. IMPULSARE - Specialised in didactic and psychological support for students with special needs and also early stimulation in children.

Malgrande Solutions
ROMANIA, Piatra-Neamt

Malgrande Solution is a small company established in 2017 in Piatra-Neamt, a town from NE Romania.
Malgrande is specializing in full-service e-learning development, webdesign, graphics and digital content creation.
It creates digital solutions and learning experiences tailored to the needs and culture for public and private organizations, educational institutions, schools, companies and private persons.